Never Say Never (feat. Edo. G) - REDEYEBLUE


4732,363 miles is the distance between those places where Boogie Bang and e.kwality were born and raised. While Boogie Bang crafted the art of MCing and beatmaking in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio, a city famous for the Bengals, the Reds, Skyline Chili and a bright history of soul music – e.kwality is straight outta Austria, from St. Pölten to be exact. A small city where he was able to focus on beatmaking, DJing and turntablism. Austria, just for the record, is famous for winter sports, classical music, Schwarzenegger and The Sound of Music.


To sum it up - we have two music lovers that although growing up with different social backgrounds were introduced by mutual friend Napoleon Maddox, who shared their passion for music via the world wide web, the final frontier.


Boogie Bang and e.kwality finally met in 2014 in Cincinnati and formed the group RedEyeBlue. Within those years the foundation of their sound, inspired by Boom Bap, Soul, Funk, Reggae and classical music, was set.